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March activity

This month, participants had to re-make certain icons decided beforehand.
They had to go to their (oldest) graphic community, find these icons:
[It's a bit long]
7th icon from the 1st icon post
40th icon from 20th icon post
3rd icon from 37th icon post
21st icon from 2nd icon post
8th icon from 10th icon post
1st icon from 8th icon post
20th icon from 19th icon post
32nd icon from 7th icon post
11th icon from 25th icon post
15th icon from 64th icon post
29th icon from 23rd icon post
16th icon from 29th icon post

and re-make them using the same or similar screencaps

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DD ● karen

September Activity


This month the members of the missingfaction had to icon their favorite tv shows.
We had a few options in which we included cancelled shows, upcoming new shows, renewed shows
or create a show we would like to see on tv. I hope you all had fun with this.

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{h50} let me spell it out for you

August Activity!

I'm happy to present you our newest activity and also introduce some fresh faces to our comm!
A big welcome to naginis who is Allergic to Routine, waaywardson who is Good to the Bone, petite_tomate as our very own Villainous Harlequin and wellhalesbells!
We're all so happy to have you with us now!

Onto our August activity which required our members to find a palette which they found fitting for their chosen Trope Name!

Without any further ado I present you the results!

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t-bag: they always try to run away

Maker activity #006 - Fandom ranking

For the July activity I asked everyone to show what fandoms they're currently into in an ordered list form. The idea was to icon fandoms were currently into, instead of an all-time favorite list.

There were a couple of options - an easy option where you just icon anything from the fandom, and a hard option where the icon had to reflect our main reasons for loving the fandom. I also gave the option of making more than one icon from each fandom for the hard option, and each icon should represent a different reason for loving the show.

Here are our results, and for those who went for the hard option you can hover for our explanations :D

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sw - jedi rey
  • alfiri

makers activity 004: iconning on a technicality

For this activity, every maker was given a list of 5 (out of 30) randomized iconing techniques, which they had to follow item by item. After that, they could either go for five new techniques, or do their first ones twice. See the results below the cut!

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